Independent Artist Submission

Do you want your song or remix on Generation Zel! Radio? Are you have radio ready, with a song or songs, or remixes ready for airplay? We are always looking for fresh new acts to add to the lineup. Our station is musically formatted as a top 40 / EDM / Hip-Hop station.

The process is simple, but it is tiered. We are looking for:

1. Artists or bands who reside in Brantford, Brant, Norfolk County, Six Nations, Haldimand County, or Oxford County.

2. Artists from Southern Ontario (From Windsor, through London, up to Barrie, across to Peterborough, through Toronto, Hamilton, to Niagara, not covered in area #1.)

2-A. Any artist who is really looking to get my attention.

3. Artists from rest of Ontario, Montreal, Detroit, Buffalo (WNY), Cleveland, Akron, Toledo.

4. Artists from the Rest of Canada.

5. Independently Represented artists (ex. Ariella Records, MexMix Productions, Premium Entertainment Bookings) from anywhere in the world.

6. Artists from the United States.

7. All other artists.

Regardless of where you are from, or what tier you are on, all great music is always welcome. By the way, it should be noted, that unlike other “indie stations” out there, where the listener levels are low and expectations are also low, we add your songs in our “Genzel Family” playlist, which means they will be played more, and always after a hit song. No more listener expectations being lowered because it’s an all indie station, and more listeners discovering you because they have heard a ‘known hit’ before you and have already equated you and evaluated you with the artist before and after you.

MUSICAL PARITY: You get more airplay and making sure you are heard alongside the top tracks equates you with the “established big stars” in the listeners ears, which in turn raises your star, leading to searches, and eventually to sales. SALES! Musical parity does make a difference, even in my own ears when I know what I’m doing!

If you are interested, fill out the contact form below, use the link above, or email our Program Director, Richard Robillard, using roby*at*

If you are looking for a different format, our brother station, Sign of The Horns, is a hard rock / alt / metal format. AllHits 86.6 is, as the name suggests, an all hits station. 108.8 The End is an alternative formatted station.

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