Paul Grundman

From Paul Grundman, aka PGX:

Every Week, I produce an entirely LIVE PERFORMED DJ SET covering the LATEST RELEASES in a broad spectrum of Big Room, Electro House, House, Progressive, Commercial Vocal tracks I love, and everything in between. Its on air on 5 networks. I want to bring you to a mini 1hr festival/radio show that is focused on you getting the low down on the latest. I also am sorry about my silly 1 min intros but that’s just something…you decide. Usually around the “3rd act” I bring it home and there’s a point to every show. Always. It’s not for self-aggrandizing, it’s to connect to people. It’s similar to the groups I’ve worked with, that being ” the people’s edm group” was and is important to me.

Paul Grundman, PGX

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